Poor Family

The family of these 3 boys who come to our school live in a very pathetic condition. I have never heard their story in the way I was able to hear it today. Their mother Roselyne Nambuye born 1977 has a total of 9 children and she is expecting again the 10th child. Apart from her 2 elder children who also have children all the others plus one grand-child live in the same 10 x 10 ft room.

The poor lady is completely illiterate. According to her, their father died when they were very young and so they were unable to go to school. She then was forced to get married at an early age but her first husband who is the father to her 6 elder children molested her and send her packing before she fled from her rural home to come in the city to look for a job. Life became hard to her causing her 4 elder children to drop school not even being able to complete primary 8. The highest one of her children has gone is primary 6 and apart from Millicent born 25/12/2003, who is still struggling to get an education the 3 boys were lucky when we took them to Brightshiners where they study for free. Millicent delayed in starting her schooling as she is now in primary 5 in public school when at her age she should have completed primary level and at least heading to secondary school. As to whether she will persist to complete primary and transit to secondary it remains a matter of speculation considering the vulnerable circumstances she is in as a girl child. She need moral, spiritual, and financial support along with her younger siblings.

Now our 3 boys namely; Daniel Wanjala, James Ogalo and Peter Ogalo have been with us for the 3 years of Brightshiners existence. Apart from educating them, at least they are assured of 2 meals a day, that’s porridge and a snack we provide during break time and the simple lunch we provide. The food seems not enough as from their physical appearance these little kids look to be weak.

The second husband to Rosemary deserted the home in March this year and his where about cannot be traced. In fact it is serious since he even failed to attend the burial of his father who passed in September this year and that means non of his family member knows where he could be. Before that he used to desert the family come back and forth subjecting Rosemary and the children to a lot of starvation.

Rosemary does casual jobs like washing people’s clothes so as to get food for her children and when she cannot secure a job they are forced to stay without food.

Jane and I have been helping the children as we can especially with clothing. Since we also face challenges of our own, we cannot do as much as we would love to see the children and indeed the family be helped except just to pray that God will come by.

Rosemary wishes to start a business in selling second hand clothes. The reason she choose to sell clothes is so interesting. She confesses that her attempt to sell food stuff was met with challenges because her children could eat the food hence making the business collapse. She argues that since clothes cannot be eaten or spoiled, she would be safe with it. I challenged her to reconsider her choice of business since clothes selling industry can sometimes be less profitable because people rarely buy clothes or pay for them. In her condition, she had better considered how she can run food business even if her children would have to eat from the same.

God bless anybody who may come along to assist in these real life situations of a vulnerably marginalized family.​

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