School Trip/Graduation

Everything was a more like landm062Graduation1ark activity. The school trip was the first of its own kind since Brightshiners begun in 2015. What has been like a song came to happen on the even of the 24th October which was the final day on the academic year 2017. On the said eve, kids, teachers, and parents expressed their enthusiasm and excitement in their own ways. Kids were more than excited to go for a trip for the first time. Teachers looked at this as an opportunity for them to go out with their pupils outside the class and school compound not forgetting that the experience was to some the first of its on kind. Parents seemed to the most excited of all that their children would be treated out in this unique style. This few hours trip saw both the kids and teachers visit two remarkable sites being; Giraffe Center and Nairobi National Animal Orphanage.

On the day that followed was our the school’s first graduation ceremony for the pupils we consider the founders of our school. These are children who joined Brightshiners at age 3 and continued throughout the three years of pre-school curriculum. To them, this graduation meant a promotion for them to start their primary education journey come 2018 January. To Brightshiners as a school, it meant we had managed to mature and ready to  go one step hire by introducing our first P1 class.

We can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring to us but we are overwhelmed with joy as we reflect on where we have come from. We trust in God and we believe in our unique Motto: “In God we Shine.”

Thanks to all who went out of their way and means to make these two events to become practical. Special acknowledgement and gratitude goes to parents, teachers, and well-wishers.


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